The easy way to learn Process Safety

Our Process Safety Awareness course gives individuals and companies the tools that they need to help prevent major accidents.

The training covers all of the key aspects of Process Safety and gives actionable advice that can be applied from day One.

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Why have we built this course?

This online course has been developed by a leading safety professional, who brings over 15 years of process safety experience to the table.

  • Prevent

    Incident investigations into Major accidents uncover remarkably similar causes including poor management of change and lack of risk assessment.

  • Learn

    We want to help you to learn the lessons from others and prevent the next major accident from ever occurring.

The course has been aligned with the following recognised process safety guidance and standard bodies

  • IOGP Process Safety Fundamentals

  • IChemE Process Safety Framework

  • Energy Institute Process Safety Framework

  • OEUK Process Safety Leadership Principles

Why is this the course for you?

These bite-size videos will help you achieve your goal of process safety competence

  • On-demand

    Work through the videos of your own pace. Our platform remembers where you got to. Access granted for 1 year

  • Cloud-based

    All materials can be accessed via our website. Whether you are offshore, on-site, in the office, or at home

  • Manageable

    Course can typically be completed in under 90 mins. Each of the 25 videos are typically only 3-4 minutes in length.

  • Certification

    All participants who successfully complete the course obtain a certificate of completion.

  • Actionable advice

    Each video includes actionable advice that you can use in your day job immediately.

  • Understanding

    Demonstrate your understanding by answering a series of multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter

Benefits for sending your workforce on this course

  • Progress

    Easily track your team's progress with weekly progress reports.

  • Accreditation

    Materials aligned to accredited institutions including IOGP, IChemE and OEUK

  • Knowledge

    Demonstrate the process safety competence of your team. Shows clear and positive process safety leadership.

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Weak Signals

What Customers are Saying?

Here is some feedback from people who have completed the course

  • “Highly recommended training. Delivered in a highly professional, informative and engaging manner.”

  • “This was a very captivating way in getting the audience to understand risk management.”

  • “Really informative course on the basics of process safety, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

  • “I found this course to be easy to follow, well presented and very informative. I personally have come away with a better understanding of process safety and how I can better influence this in future”

  • "The course was good and will be excellent for operational staff. It will really help them to understand what the process safety management system, controls and Performance Indicators are trying to achieve."

  • "The course was interesting and easy to follow, being comprehensive and informative"

  • "Material was good, engaging and on-point delivery. Much better than other on-line delivered training modules I have done. "

  • "I liked the concise and well-structured sections, easy definition of ALARP, pointers on things to consider when assessing risk, etc and all the key takeaway summaries for each section"

  • "I think we should role this course out to all our people"

  • "I’m just in process of starting up a new project – so getting into the early thoughts on risks and hazards – so was a great time to do this course and have process safety at forefront of mind. "

  • "Process Safety Leadership section is another good module – great message on importance to lead from top/front to ensure everyone working to same goals with regard to implementing a sound process safety ethos/mentality."

  • "The short & sharp 2–3-minute videos were good and easy to return to if you get interrupted mid-CBT"

Course curriculum

Learn about Process Safety now

    1. Welcome Video: How did the circus help to save lives on the Golden Gate Bridge?

    2. What causes process safety incidents?

    3. What is the difference between personal safety and process safety?

    4. Hazard Identification

    5. How to carry out a risk assessment

    6. Barriers - People, Plant & Process

    7. What is ALARP?

    8. Hierarchy of Controls

    9. Inherent Safety

    10. Control of Ignition

    11. Module 1 Exam

    1. Introduction

    2. Management of Change

    3. Managing Deviations

    4. Isolate from our Hazards

    5. Applying Procedures

    6. Emergency Response

    7. Safe Systems of Work

    8. Stopping the Job

    9. Module 2 Exam

    1. Weak Signals

    2. Learning from Events

    3. Learn from our Experience

    4. Module 3 Exam

    1. Competency Assurance

    2. Leadership

    3. Compliance with Standards & Legislation

    4. Module 4 Exam

    1. Congratulations!!

About this course

  • £250.00
  • 29 lessons
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Access from anywhere
  • 70 mins of video content

Frequently asked Questions

  • Is this course accredited?

    We have worked hard to include the key aspects of Process Safety Frameworks and Fundamentals from IOGP, IChemE, OEUK and the Energy Institute. There is no joint accreditation from these organisations. If you complete this course, you will have covered these in depth

  • Do I get a completion certificate?

    Yes, all attendees received a certificate of completion

  • Can I track my team's progress?

    Yes. If you sign-up multiple attendees by contacting us on [email protected], we will share regular progress updates with you and notify you when all attendees have successfully completed the course

  • Is there an exam?

    Upon completion of each of the four modules, there will be a series of multiple-choice questions

  • Can I work at my own pace?

    Yes. The course is on-demand and it will remember the video that you last got to. You can complete it all at once if you like

  • I work offshore, how do I access materials?

    The course content is online so if you are in the office, working from home, on-site or offshore, you can access the materials 24/7.

  • What is different about this course?

    This course focuses in awareness of the key aspects of process safety. The videos are short and all contain clear, actionable advice that you can start implementing right away

  • If I sign up my team, do we get a discount?

    Absolutely, We offer discounts if you sign-up 50, 100 or 250 attendees

  • I have completed the course, what next?

    Join our community where we discuss all things process safety.

David Jamieson

Course Instructor

David Jamieson is a Principal Process Safety Engineer who is passionate about teaching others about Process Safety. He has provided training to over 2000 participants. David is a Chartered Engineer and has worked for over a decade in Process Safety. He was the Process Safety Technical Authority for an UK Operator prior to founding Salus Technical in 2015.

He has written several training courses, including: Bowtie Diagrams and Barrier Management UK Offshore Safety Legislation for Engineers Best Practice Presentations for Management of Change, Operational Risk Assessments & Cumulative Risk David is the founder of Salus Technical who have developed Bowtie Diagram and Human Factors software.

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What is ALARP?